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The Origin Of Coffee

You probably drink one or more cups of coffee during the day. You’ve been drinking this drink for years, but you’ve never thought about where coffee comes from. To learn more about this drink, take a look at ethiopian coffe.

Coffee originates from Ethiopia. It is said to have been discovered by a shepherd tending goats. When he saw his goats being happy and in a good mood, he concluded that it was the result of the plant they had eaten. It turned out to be coffee.

Coffee was not immediately used in this form as it is today. There were various trials until it came to the fact that the coffee bean must be ground and mixed with hot water in order to get this delicious drink.

Ethiopian Coffe

By the way, coffee grows in the wild in Ethiopia. It is the only country where coffee can grow on its own without cultivation. In every other country, it thrives only on plantations, where it is kept and nurtured. More than a thousand coffee trees grow in Ethiopia. Here, coffee is grown without any chemicals and needs shade from other trees. In other coffee producing countries, they have to use chemicals AND plant other trees so that the coffee has shade while it grows.

In Ethiopia, coffee processing is still done by hand. After picking, the coffee is left to dry with its husk, because that way the bean absorbs smells and tastes, the husk is removed only when the coffee is ready for sale. Ethiopians have a whole ritual around the preparation of coffee, and it is passed down from generation to generation. Children must also participate in it. They are in charge of serving. Their preparation is a bit more complicated than ours, but they like to respect tradition. If an Ethiopian invites you for coffee, know that he considers you an exceptional person. Be sure to respond to the invitation.

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